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Betachem Co., LTD is located in Shanghai, China. We are a research and production enterprise, service the chemical industry。 we have professional research and technical service team, and are committed to become a production & services company with forward-looking research of new materials in chemical industry .

Betachem mainly service in the rubber, plastic, coating, paint, printing ink and other industries.
Betachem has several production bases in China, the current main products are resin products and special reinforcing filler.etc.
Betachem provide quality Advanz resin products, annual output of 20000 tons.
Tackifying Resin        AD-2110、AD-2120、AD-2000
Reinforcing Resin       AD-2200、AD-2201
Betachem provide special functional resins, annual output of 20000 tons.
Homogenizing Agent             AD-1401、AD-1405
Tear Resistance Resin             AD-1501
Cut/chip/chunk Resistance Resin  AD-1600
Betachem provide special functional additive
Anti-scorching Agent               BOJ-157
Integrated Accelerator             Betavulca 
Our resin production plant is located surrounding the China petrochemical plant, with the supply of raw material advantage. Using the advantage of petrochemical resources, relying on the full understanding of customer needs and the accurately application of the product function, we will provide the products of fit the customer’s own needs.
We have the ability to help customers improve the product quality and production process.Quality, service, and value are the management idea of Beta chemical.  let the customer benefit from our products and professional services,is Beta chemical commitment to the user.
While adhering to the principle of sustainable development, Betachem provide high quality chemical products and services in an efficient and responsible way, create superior value for customers.


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